Friday, October 16, 2009

The Fyke Nature Association

The Fyke Nature Association was founded in 1952 by a group of people strongly dedicated to saving undeveloped tracts of land in Bergen County, New Jersey as nature preserves.

Fyke has not only wishes to be a force for preservation, but a place where people can educate themselves and share their love of the natural world.

Currently the Association, along with the Borough of Allendale, co-manages the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale, NJ. The Celery Farm is a 107-acre freshwater wetland maintained in its natural state. As a result, fifty-three bird species breed here, and over 240 species have been recorded.

Volunteers from Fyke are responsible for creating and maintaining the footpaths around the preserve, the three observation platforms and the nesting boxes. The wetlands and deciduous woods provide habitat for many mammals, fish, reptiles and insects.

Chickadee - Celery Farm photos