Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Jersey Bald Eagle Project Report

The New Jersey Bald Eagle Project Report for 2009 is now available.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Endangered and Nongame Species Program (ENSP) biologists and volunteer observers located and monitored bald eagle nests and territories.

A new record high of 84 eagle pairs was monitored during the nesting season; 69 of those were active (with eggs). Nine pairs were territorial and six other pairs were seen in and around previous nest territories, but it was unknown if and where they nested.

New Jersey’s Delaware Bay region remained the state’s eagle stronghold, with 40 percent of all nests located in Cumberland and Salem counties.

Twelve new eagle pairs were found this season, six in the south, two in central and four in northern NJ. Fifty-six nests were successful in producing 99 young, for a productivity rate of 1.43 young per active nest. ENSP staff banded and took blood samples from 30 eaglets at 16 nests.

Ten nests failed to fledge young; the outcome of one nest was unknown. For three nests, the failures can be attributed to weather (2) and a nest collapse (1).

In January’s Midwinter Eagle Survey, ENSP staff, regional coordinators and volunteers reported a total of 282 bald eagles, a new record high count.

42 eagles were recorded in northern NJ and 240 in the south. The state’s eagle population would not be thriving without the efforts of the dedicated eagle volunteers who observe nests, report sightings, and help protect critical habitat.

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  1. I spotted and observed an adult bald eagle this afternoon on West Mill Road in Long Valley, New Jersey as it circled and perched on a treetop on the South Branch Raritan River for about 5 minutes, then flew away. I have seen bald eagles in Idaho but never this close and never in NJ. It was a magnificent creature with a huge wingspan.

    Steve Kazella

  2. Is it possible that I saw a bald eagle overhead at my home, which is in Brick, NJ? A few weeks ago and again today I saw a huge bird gliding overhead; it had a white head and brown body. I could swear it was an eagle but I didn't know if there were any in this area.