Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rutgers Day Activities April 24th

Rutgers Day celebrates the university and the state of New Jersey. It's a great day of activities for you and good for families.

Rutgers Day is on Saturday, April 24 and occurs on all the "New Brunswick" campuses.


Review event listings by your area of interest.

Jersey Roots Jersey Roots Rutgers is woven into the New Jersey community. Learn about the ways we help and strengthen the ties. Global Reach Global Reach The world lives on our campuses: a kaleidoscope of cultures.
Get to Know Rutgers Get to Know Rutgers What's it like on the inside? Here's a peek for prospective students and their parents. Experience the Arts & Humanities Experience the Arts & Humanities Thought, expression, and the lively scene at the center of the Garden State.
Science & Technology Science & Technology The joy of understanding, the thrill of invention. All Things Green All Things Green Respecting the environment that enriches our lives.
Walk into History Walk into History Rutgers was here when the U.S. was born. Discover a rich heritage through tours, talks, and lectures. World of Work World of Work Rutgers experts help you hone your job-search skills and identify promising fields.
Health, Athletics & Recreation Health, Athletics & Recreation Caring for ourselves, exercising our minds and bodies. Kids' Stuff Kids' Stuff Exploration, fun, and learning for children.

Lots of things to see and do, but I will feature here some of the environmental activities. See the very full list at:

Making New Jersey Sustainable at Scott Hall, College Ave
Find out about Sustainable Jersey™, the municipal certification program promoting community-level involvement in sustainability issues. Drop by at 1:30 for a special lecture. New Jersey Sustainable State Institute

Caring for Our Campus - at the Busch campus
Learn about our efforts to promote campus stewardship through two community projects: a conservation garden at Foran Hall and a resource-recovery drive to collect and reuse discarded items. Solid Waste Resource Renewal Group at NJAES

Every Day Is Earth Day
Environmental & Natural Resource Science Building, Outside
Do your part to protect New Jersey's most precious resource: water. Learn about rain gardens, rain barrels, and other water conservation initiatives. Department of Environmental Sciences, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, & Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Jersey Coast Touch Tank
Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Outside
It's a creature close-up! Touch sea stars, hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, and more, while learning cool facts about marine life along the Jersey Coast. Oceanography Graduate Students Association

Jersey Shore Treasure Hunt
Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Outside
Sift some sand to reveal treasures of the Jersey Shore: surf clam, knobbed whelk, skate egg case, and more. How many can you identify? Oceanography Graduate Students Association

Meet the Equine Science Club
Red Horse Barn
Learn about the many social, academic, and recreational opportunities the club offers to students who ride horses--or just love them! Equine Science Club

Movie Screening: Volcanoes of the Deep Sea
Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Alampi Room
See the spectacular film showcasing the discovery by Rutgers oceanographers of hot springs and unknown ecosystems in the deep oceans. Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences

Organic Garden Tour
Environmental & Natural Resources Science Building, Outside
Check out the organic garden space maintained by the Cook Organic Garden Club. Rutgers students can find out how to grow their own organic vegetables. Cook Organic Garden Club

Our Future Ocean
Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
Are greenhouse gases changing ocean chemistry? How will coral reefs and other marine ecosystems be affected? Learn about the potential impact of increased carbon dioxide on ocean life. Oceanography Graduate Students Association

Polly the Pollutant's Journey
Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Outside
Follow Polly the Pollutant as she journeys through the Hudson River watershed and into the ocean. Along the way, discover how a microscopic pollutant can affect clams, fish, and other marine life thousands of times its size. Oceanography Graduate Students Association

Rain Barrel Art Show
Environmental & Natural Resource Science Building, Lobby
Rain barrels can be a beautiful addition to your landscape. See our painted rain barrels and learn about the One Barrel at a Time Co-op. Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program

Slow Food at Rutgers
Welcome the spring growing season by taking home some Jersey Fresh asparagus and learning more about the Rutgers chapter of the Slow Food movement. Slow Food Rutgers

Energetic Ocean  - Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, at Cook/Douglass
What role do winds play in mixing the ocean? How do pollutants dumped in the ocean spread across the world? Answers are revealed in an interactive demonstration. Oceanography Graduate Students Association

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