Thursday, August 2, 2012

Have You Sighted a NJ Endangered Species?

An endangered bobcat spotted along a remote, rocky outcropping
in High Point State Park - Photo by Charles Kontos
You can help the Endangered and Nongame Species Program (ENSP) maintain updated records of rare species within the state. I was reminded of this this week when a commenter on a post here about bobcats mentioned that "local animal control" didn't seem interested in his sighting. That might often be true, but ENSP is interested.

If you have information on the location of a rare animal and would like to help build the Natural Heritage inventory, you can submit a report. This data will help develop critical habitat mapping and look at habitat and population trends, and ultimately help develop conservation strategies for endangered and threatened species.

You can fill out the sighting report form available at (There is also one online for marine wildlife.)

Reporting includes marking the location of the sighting on a map to help biologists determine if suitable habitat is present at the location.

There is also information on submitting your report by mail or email.

In order to maintain the validity and integrity of the database, each record will be reviewed by an ENSP biologist.

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