Friday, July 19, 2013

Harvest the Bay Programs at Island Beach Stae Park

The newest editions to the summer programs at Island Beach State Park are the widely-anticipated Harvest the Bay Educational Programs, where participants will be able to engage in popular Jersey Shore pastimes like clamming, crabbing, and fishing.

Harvest the Bay combines seaside recreational enjoyment with active support of commercial industry and local food resources. Park Natural Educators will join visitors as they explore clams, crabs, and fish, their role in the Barnegat Bay ecosystem, and how they are impacted by the health of the bay. Afterword, participants will learn proper techniques for harvesting these creatures.

The Harvest the Bay education programs are made possible through a generous grant from Barnegat Bay Partnership, which will also include implementation of the programs in Spanish.

The Barnegat Bay Partnership also funds the Harvest the Bay Day’ Festival: A Celebration of Barnegat Bay’s Natural Resources. Fresh local seafood, hands-on activities, and nature programs are the star of the show, which will take place on three different dates: July 23rd, August 20th, and October 12th, extending Jersey Shore summer fun well into autumn.

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