Monday, October 14, 2013


NJ MAP is a website created by the Geospatial Research Lab at Rowan University (GeoLab).  The objective is to brings our ever changing NJ landscapes into focus. It is data visualization and a way to show clues as to future growth and development patterns. The information will be useful to citizens, planners, and local decision makers.  It is also just plain interesting to look at your own hometown area and see how things have changed over the years.

All 565 of New Jersey’s municipalities have their own dedicated page on the site. You can access data and aerial photography specific to your community.

Check any town at

Our New Jersey’s landscapes have changed significantly throughout our state’s history. Steady population growth and development has brought us wealth and growing cities and suburbs. And, yes, it has brought environmental problems sometimes.

I have read that land use experts who monitor development trends speculate that New Jersey may well be the first state to reach complete build out. That frightening prediction - that we will be the first state to reach a point where all parcels of land not protected through land preservation, regulation, or zoning will be developed - is not exactly a selling point for NJ.

Rowan’s GeoLab is asking for your help in order to update its information on growth since 2007. They invite you be a volunteer contributor by helping to identify post 2007 development growth in your area or any area of the state.

They are hoping that if they get enough volunteers, they can have results by early in 2014. You can enter data about that farm or woods that has been recently developed, or the new community parkland, shopping center or reserve.

Anyone can participate - log onto the GeoLab’s website and sign in to be a contributor. There are even some prizes for contributors.

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