Monday, March 24, 2014

Opening Day for Trails is March 29

It's not that hiking and walking trails have been "closed" for winter, but now that the snow and ice have melted, it's time to get back into more serious outdoors. Green shoots, a few flowers, birds and bees are reappearing.

March 29—the last Saturday in March—is Opening Day for Trails and a good weekend to start the season with a leisurely walk, bike ride or hike along your local trails.

A TrailLink search on New Jersey turns up lots of possibilities, and we have posted plenty of times on hiking and on trails in our state.

Hike New Jersey is a great online guide to hiking trails, local parks, and other outdoor activities in the Garden State. From simple park walks to short, loop hikes that bring you back to where you started, there is something to fit your time and ability.

I grew up exploring places like Eagle Rock Reservation and South Mountain Reservation and I still uncover new sites in these pockets of green.South Mountain Reservation in Essex County is a 2000+ acre park that borders Millburn, South Orange and Maplewood. It follows the ridge of the lower Watchung Mountain range.

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