Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sierra Club Opposes Leg Hold Trap Rule

The New Jersey Sierra Club, as part of a coalition, has filed an appeal in the Appellate Court for a stay on the new leghold trap rule in New Jersey because it violates state law.

Leghold traps have been banned in New Jersey for 30 years; however, starting in November, the NJ Fish and Game Council approved a rule for them to come back. These leg hold traps are cruel to the trapped animals, hazardous to other animals and pets and can harm the public including hikers and children.

“We are challenging this rule in court because it is illegal, immoral and inhumane. Leghold traps are dangerous and were banned in New Jersey 30 years ago by the legislature. Now the NJ Fish and Game Council is going to allow them to be used again. They were banned for a reason and there is no reason that they should ever be allowed to be used. These leghold traps maim and harm animals and are indiscriminate. They are dangerous to pets and to people who enjoy the outdoors and nature. Now the Governor is siding with the trapping industry and the hunting lobby as part of his national political agenda and that’s why they are bringing them back. This is unacceptable and against the law and that’s why we are fighting this,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “The rules, which were likely proposed at the behest of the trapping and fur industries are inhumane and are illegal under New Jersey law especially since there are other trapping techniques available. This rule violates the law and legislative intent and that’s why we’re challenging it.”

Sierra Club Appeals to Put a Hold on Dangerous DEP leg Hold Trap Rule

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