Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shortnose Sturgeon

The Shortnose Sturgeon (acipenser brevirostrum) is the only fish currently on the endangered list in New Jersey.

This fish's habitat is in deep river pools over soft, plant-filled bottoms. Usually it is found in river mouths, tidal waters, estuaries and bays in summer & winter.

In spring, it moves upstream to spawn (mate & lay eggs.) Sometimes this fish will enter the open sea.

It ranges from rivers in New Brunswick, Canada, all the way south to Georgia.

It gets its name from its short snout that is rounded and V-shaped but does not turn up at the tip like many other fish.

Mature fish are about 20 inches long, but this species grows up to 40 inches. It also has a long life, possibly living 50-60 years.

It is prohibited by Federal law to capture or mistreat a shortnose sturgeon. It is listed as federally endangered.

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