Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Project Learning Tree Curriculum

Project Learning Tree is a nationally recognized environmental education curriculum supplement that provides educators with tools for increasing student environmental awareness.

Using the forest as a "window" into exploration of local and global environments, students of PLT are made aware of the ecological, historical, cultural, and economical perspectives of resource management. Through this awareness we are able to make wise decisions concerning the conservation and stewardship of our natural resources.

Pre-K-8 Activity Guide
Correlated to New Jersey's standards, the Project Learning Tree Pre-K-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide includes nearly 100 activities in a story-line technique covering themes of diversity, interrelationships, systems, structure and scale, and patterns of change. View a sample activity

PLT PreK-8 Workshops
•Receive a PreK-8 PLT Activity Guide
•Learn about trees and forest ecology through hands-on activities
•Earn professional development

View the workshop schedule

Secondary Modules
The Secondary Modules, a series of supplement guides filled with lessons, engage students in exercises that bring awareness of current issues to knowledge and positive action. The hands-on, interdisciplinary lessons use cooperative learning, problem solving, and assessments. Each module provides detailed background information on the subject and suggestions for action within your school's community.

Modules available:
Exploring Environmental Issues: Focus on Forests
The Changing Forest: Forest Ecology
Exploring Environmental Issues: Municipal Solid Waste
Exploring Environmental Issues: Focus on Risk
Global Connections: Forests of the World
Exploring Environmental Issues: Places We Live
Exploring Environmental Issues: Biodiversity