Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update on Lily the Bear

Lily, the 3-year-old black bear denning in Minnesota, had her cub yesterday.

The live webcam in her den has drawn a lot of attention to bears as Net viewers have followed her denning behaviors. and we can watch her give birth and care for her cubs.

Last night's post included:

Now at 8:23 PM, we think Lily is done.  She had a single cub.  She is now breathing a relaxed three breaths per minute instead of the four per minute prior to birth.  We don't see her muscles contracting like in the past couple days.  Her restlessness is gone.  However, just after 5 PM, Lily made a few motions reminiscent of last night.  If another cub is coming, which we doubt, we’ll need the help of your eyes and ears to determine when it arrives.

The webcam's success is a good example of using the Internet to draw attention to a species, and help collect donations for the North American Bear Center

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