Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hudson Shad Festival May 16

The Hudson Riverkeeper’s Shad Fest has been a celebration for the past 20 years of the vast numbers of American shad that returned each year to the Hudson River to spawn.

The shad run has been a sure sign of spring for thousands of years and locally dates back to the Lenape Indians who used the Hudson and Delaware Rivers.

The shad population has declined and risen in the past twenty years to dangerously low water levels and pollutants.

That also makes these festivals (I wrote about the NJ Delaware River Shad Festival earlier this year.) a good way to draw attention to saving the American Shad and other Hudson River signature fish which at risk, and to the cleanup and protection of the river.

Shad fishermen set nets from mid-March to mid-May in the Hudson to catch the run of fish as shad migrate upstream to spawn. Shad have been known to travel up to 120 miles upriver to lay their eggs.

The shad spend only 1-2 weeks in the Hudson with most of their adult life being in the ocean. That's good in that their time in the river is short enough to have a very limited harmful effect from PCB’s and other contaminants.

Shad caught here are prized for their flesh and roe (eggs) and they will be shipped all over the country.

You can join Riverkeeper on Sunday, May 16, 2010, at Boscobel in Garrison, NY, in celebration of the American Shad and in the organization’s efforts to protect and restore this historic fishery. The day offers fun for all ages and features a Whole Foods Market picnic, activities for children of all ages, our unique Green Street marketplace, Wellness activities and live entertainment throughout the whole day.

Features: Green Street Market • Children’s Stage • Organic Picnic Fare • Local & Regional • Craft Beers & Limited-Production Wines • Falconry & Wildlife Show • Musical Performances

All proceeds go to supporting the vital work of Riverkeeper, protecting NYC drinking water and the Hudson River.

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