Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Autumn Trout Fishing in NJ

A growing number of New Jersey trout anglers now eagerly await the fall trout season.

One reason is that since 2006, all of the trout stocked in the fall measure 14 inches to 24 inches and weigh one and a half pounds to eight pounds. The big fish, cool water, great weather and spectacular scenery combine to make the fall season what many consider to be New Jersey’s premium trout fishing season.

Fall stocking
This year fall stocking begins Tuesday, October 5 and continues through October 13. Over this period approximately 21,000 trout averaging 14 to 16 inches, and weighing 1½ - 2 pounds and 1,000 exceptionally large broodstock trout, measuring 17 - 24 inches, and weighing 3 - 8 pounds, will be distributed in 16 streams and 16 lakes and ponds statewide. All trout are raised at the division's Pequest Trout Hatchery. Comparison of two and three year old trout

Waters stocked during the first week of fall stocking are the 16 large streams and rivers in northern and coastal areas, such as the Big Flatbook, Pequest River, South Branch Raritan River, Musconetcong River, and the Manasquan and Tom's Rivers. All fall-stocked waters may be fished as soon as they are stocked. There are no "closed waters" during fall stocking.

During the second week, 16 ponds and lakes in the central and southern portions of the state were stocked. Some of the more popular waters are Farrington Lake, Oak Pond, Greenwich Lake, and Mary Elmer Lake.

Lesser known are the sea run brown trout who begin returning to freshwater in the Manasquan River during the fall and early winter.

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Trout fishing doesn’t end with fall. Trout fishing action extends through the winter months until the spring season begins again in April.

A distinctly different trout-fishing experience awaits anglers who fish the wild trout streams scattered across north Jersey. These small streams are not stocked with trout and anglers can expect to catch small, colorful trout, with most measuring less than ten inches.

Thirty-six streams are managed under special regulations to provide anglers with opportunities to catch stunning, stream-bred trout. All trout captured from designated Wild Trout Streams, from September 16, 2010 to April 9, 2011 at 8 a.m. must be released, and be sure to leave the bait buckets home - these streams are artificials only.

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Trout Fishing in NJ information
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The complete list of fall-stocked waters and the stocking schedule is available at or through the Trout Stocking Hotline 609-633-6765.

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