Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sampling a Stream

Here's a video of a NJ DEP Division of Fish and Wildlife biologist entitled, "Electrofishing a Small Tributary to the South Branch of the Raritan River".

The video follows division biologist Shawn Crouse as he and a team of co-workers sample a 150-meter segment of stream for fish. The technique uses a backpack battery unit and hand held probe to deliver electrical current into the water. Fish near the probe will feel the electrical shock and temporarily lose muscle control. Workers with nets can then collect the fish more easily for the study before they are returned to the water.

The species being targeted are trout since they are an excellent indicator of the health and condition of a stream. The findings of such studies help determine stream classifications, which can influence land-use decisions, in addition to providing valuable biological data for fisheries managers.

Scientists study fish to help determine the health of area streams

To view the video, visit on the website.

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