Thursday, December 9, 2010

NJ's Bear Hunt Count Already at 441

According to a report on, New Jersey's black bear hunt (December 6-11 - the first in five years) which runs through Saturday, has already recorded 441 bears taken.

This is a record, but the state has an expected harvest of 500 to 700 for the week.

There have been protests by bear advocates every day of the hunt in the hope of shortening the length of the hunt or limit the bears taken.


  1. I heard that hunters of bears don't need Cialis or Viagra...
    I just know that my garbage feels safer now!

  2. They set 700 as the target. They estimate 3400 is the population. So, they want to wipe out almost 20% of them? Is that "management"?

    Do they aim at eliminating the same % of deer and other species?