Sunday, March 27, 2011

Endangered New Jersey Two Years On

Today is the two year anniversary of this blog. That's a toddler in the blogosphere. It's one of about a half dozen blogs that I write on.

A few observations so far...

The most popular (based on views) posts are, nor surprisingly, older ones. They have been around longer, so they have more hits. Although some older ones are not so popular and the oldest ones are not the most popular.

The top ones are Wolves in New Jersey , Are Bees Endangered?, Successful Comeback for Bald Eagle in New Jersey, Encountering Bobcats in New Jersey. The top post from 2010 is about Lyme Disease.

Most folks who find us come by way of Google, Bing or Yahoo  (in that order). WE also get a fair amount of traffic from the fine and like-minded site which compiles lots of environmental stories from all over the place about NJ (including our little site).

When people do search and end up on our site, the most likely terms lately seem to be: bees, the Jersey Devil, ocean plastic, wolves, habitat, coyotes, and bobcats.

The majority of visitors are from the United States, but we do get a lot of traffic from Canada. From beyond North America, the top visiting countries are Germany, the United Kingdom,Australia, India, the Netherlands, Russia, Philippines, and France.

Over these two years we average about 1300 visitors a month, but it's very encouraging that the past few months the number is closer to 4-5000 visitors.

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