Friday, June 3, 2011

Help New Jersey Brewers

After a lot of collaboration, New Jersey's small brewers are happy that there are two bills now in the state Assembly and Senate that will allow both brewpubs and production breweries more opportunity to market and grow their businesses.

The bills will help create jobs, increase tourism and cut red tape for small businesses. As a consumer/voter/constituent, you have the most powerful voice in helping make that a reality.

Contact your state representatives and ask them to support Senate Bill 2870 (S-2870) and Assembly Bill 3969 (A-3969).

The Garden State Brewers Guild has tools to help you find you representatives, a template for a letter that you can adapt and an overview of what the bills would accomplish. Go to

This is a small, homegrown industry whose members rely on consumers and fans to help keep it growing.

Microbreweries produce small batches of beer for sale to wholesalers and retailers both inside and outside New Jersey. That means you can purchase New Jersey micro brewed beer from the shelves of liquor stores and in pubs around the country. Call the brewery for a list of retailers who carry your favorite micro brewed beers.

Strange Brew's 1/2 Gallon Amber Growlers (Case of 6) with Polyseal CapsBrewpubs are restaurants that produce small batches of craft brewed on site and may sell their own beer by the glass for consumption on premise. They may also sell their beer for carry out in bottles, jugs known as "growlers" and in kegs. Brewpub beer is not available outside the restaurant.

You can download The Guide to New Jersey Craft Breweries.

Garden State Brewers Guild is at

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