Friday, December 6, 2013

Snowy Owls Visit the Jersey Shore

It may be a bit cold for a lot of us to be on the beaches in New Jersey right now, but that doesn't mean others are not enjoying the uncrowded shore.

"Ran into this guy while walking the beach this afternoon," reports Ray Yeager - RTY Photography LLC. Snowy owls have been spotted along the shore over the past few weeks.    Read more.

The Raptor Trust, a non-profit bird rehabilitation facility based in Millington, describes the snowy owl, in this way:
When perched, the bird has a smooth, heavy appearance. Its head is rounded and lacks feather tufts. It has bright yellow eyes, a black beak, and thickly feathered legs and feet. The female is larger than the male, as in all owls, but the recognizable difference is that the adult male is almost pure white, while the female has dark, heavy flecking.

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