Monday, July 7, 2014

Report Rare Wildlife Sightings in NJ

Pine snake in the sand of the Pinelands
This site gets mail almost every week from someone who spotted a bobcat, an eagle, an 8 foot pine snake or some other rare species somewhere in New Jersey.

The NJ DEP Endangered and Nongame Species Program actually has a report form for those rare wildlife sightings.

The information compiled by the Endangered and Nongame Species Program (ENSP) is a powerful conservation tool for land-users and natural area managers. With accurate information, conservation action can be focused on our most important natural areas.

If you have information on the location of a rare animal and would like to help us build the Natural Heritage inventory, please complete the form. This data helps develop critical habitat mapping and a look at habitat and population trends, and ultimately helps to develop conservation strategies for endangered and threatened species.

1. Fill out the sighting report form (There is also one for Marine Wildlife Sightings.)
2. Mark location of sighting on map
3. Mail or email completed survey

The term "Species of Special Concern" applies to species that warrant special attention because of some evidence of decline, inherent vulnerability to environmental deterioration, or habitat modification that would result in their becoming a Threatened species. This category would also be applied to species that meet the foregoing criteria and for which there is little understanding of their current population status in the state.

NJ Endangered and Threatened Species List
NJ Species of Special Concern
NJ Species Status Listing (Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ site)

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