Sunday, February 8, 2015

In Search of the Jersey Devil

My boys, prepared for an encounter with the Jersey Devil.
Here's some weekend fun...

I can't say that the Jersey Devil is endangered or threatened because I can't say that it ever existed, but the legend of the Jersey Devil dates back for centuries. Hundreds of people have reported seeing the creature, but despite extensive searches, no one has proven its existence.

The folks at love this kind of stuff. They love conspiracy theories  (Their Facebook page is ) and fringe science and beliefs, and I'll admit to enjoying watching their little videos (like the one below) even if I think almost all of it is untrue.

I will also read issues of Weird N.J. in search of oddities in my part of Jersey.

When my sons were quite young and we would go camping in the Pinelands, we always were looking for signs of the Jersey Devil.

I read them the story and showed them the pictures. It made for some great bedtime stories around the fire before they curled up in their sleeping bags.

After story time, if they heard the call of a barred owl outside our tent, they did not hear it saying "Who cooks for you?" but rather something more sinister like "He wants to get you."

When you're 5 years old, it's easy to believe.

I don't think Bruce believes in Mrs. Leed's 13th child either, but The Boss did record "A Night With The Jersey Devil" back in 2007 because the legend is definitely a Jersey thing.

Here is a quick report on the Jersey Devil from Stuff They Don't Want You To Know



Get "the facts" and then

read one to the kids.

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