Friday, August 7, 2015

Down the Shore Ecology

Sandy Hook

Here we are at mid-summer at our Jersey beaches. Of course, when kids go back to school there is still plenty of good weather and things to do down the shore. September and October are my favorite times to be at the shore.

If you are looking to the Jersey shore as a place of nature and the environment more than just as a beach spot, you might be interested in checking out these sites with ecological information.
  1. NJ Clean Shores Program
  2. NJ Adopt A Beach Program
  3. NJ Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program
  4. New Jersey Clean Marina Program
  5. Monmouth County Planning Board's Eco-Tips for Sand Dunes 
  6. NJ Beach Nesting Bird Management
  7. Bureau of Marine Water Monitoring
  8. USEPA Beaches Website
  9. Clean Ocean Action
  10. American Littoral Society
  11. Surfrider Foundation - Jersey Shore Chapter
  12. Ocean Conservancy
  13. Alliance for Living Ocean
  14. NJDA - Jersey Seafood
  15. - Surf Cams
Island Beach State Park

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