Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New Jersey Conservation Foundation

The New Jersey Conservation Foundation is the state’s oldest land preservation organization. They work to protect farmland, meadows, rivers, and endangered species. NJCF was a group that fought to protect the Great Swamp National Wildlife Reserve in Morris County from being developed into a major airport when that was proposed in the late 1950s.

NJCF is a voice for conservation in NJ politics. They offer a number of ways to donate and help their efforts.

Many of New Jersey Conservation Foundation's preserved properties are open to the public for hiking, bird-watching, bicycling, picnicking, nature photography and family outdoor activities. Some preserves have spots for fishing, kayaking, canoeing and other non-motorized water sports. Preserves are open during daylight hours.

To learn more about individual preserves, go to

Since 1960, NJCF has been working to preserve mountains, fields, farms, streams, forests
and meadows, and has saved over 125,000 acres since then. (2014 - 17 minutes)

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