Monday, September 6, 2010

Merrill Creek Reservoir

Merrill Creek Reservoir is a 650-acre reservoir (manmade lake) surrounded by a 290-acre Environmental Preserve and 2000 additional acres of woods and fields.

Its basic purpose is to provide stored water that can be released to the Delaware River to make up for the evaporative water usage at certain electric generating units in times of low flow in the river.

In addition to that basic purpose, Merrill Creek Reservoir provides a tranquil setting of water and land that allows people to interact with the natural environment.

Though Merrill is probably best known for its fishing opportunities (it is a Trophy Trout lake), it was also designed and managed specifically for low impact recreational uses.

Hiking, cross-country skiing, photography, wildlife observation, and nature study are all encouraged.

The 290-acre preserve features a variety of habitats including woodlands, fields, evergreen plantations, and wetlands.

Merrill Creek Reservoir's resident bald eagles are in their twelfth nesting season in 2010. Though you won't be able to observe the nesting bald eagles, bald eagles are usually spotted gliding over the area during the fall hawk watch. They are occasionally joined by golden eagles also passing through on their migratory journey.

Merrill Creek Reservoir offers a wide variety of environmental education opportunities for all age groups ranging from Pre-K through adults. Check out their current public programs.

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