Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back To Nature

There was a "back to nature" movement back in the hippie 1960s. It encouraged people to spend time together in nature and to talk about their experiences of the natural world. It was seen as both a way of relating to each other and reacquainting people with nature which seemed to be more and more foreign to us.

Hopefully, that movement isn't just a part of the past. Getting into nature is a good way to strengthen family bonds. It a good way to personally revive yourself.  It can foster local community bonds and it can give you a sense of belonging to a larger communityof people who have a deep caring and concern for the Earth.
This blog is about the endangered parts of New Jersey, but it's actually much broader. The blog gets lots of hits from people outside of NJ because so many topics are larger than our state.

I was sure I had a book called "Back to Nature" in my collection from the 1960s but I can't see to find it. There are a good number of "back to nature" books titles out there now.

And an Internet search produces many results, like this one about "getting naked" - as in leaving behind technology - when you do get out into nature hiking, walking, birdwatching, camping etc.

Technology isn't all bad for discovering nature. Hopefully, this blog helps, and other blogs like 52 Ways To Fall in Love with Nature (a weekly blog) and can point you in the right direction.

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