Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Passaic River Mudflat Cleanup First Phase Completed

Over 16,000 cubic yards of toxic sediment have been removed from a 6 acre mudflat along the Passaic River near Lyndhurst.

Director of the New Jersey Chapter of the Sierra Club, Jeff Tittel says that the cleanup“is an important step forward in finally getting the cleanup process going. It has taken far too long to start the cleanup, but at least it is beginning to happen. The Passaic River has been polluted for too many decades with this dioxin and other industrial discharges. It is good the cleanup is starting, however compared to what needs to be done it is like emptying a beach with a child’s pale and shovel. One day hopefully the whole river will be cleaned up, including the 17.5 miles which is not part of this first phase of the cleanup. For far too long polluters have robed the River that belongs to all of us and this is a start of one of those milestones to bring the River back to the community."

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