Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green Schools and Environmental Education

Earth Day Network's successful history of working with teachers, PTAs, students and school administrators has led them to develop a long term, national campaign on green schools.

The National GREEN Schools Campaign, in partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and The Clinton Foundation, aims to green all of America's K-12 schools within a generation.

A school becomes “green” through a variety of means.  By having more sustainable, energy-efficient, low-resource-using school buildings and school yards, our nation saves energy, reduces carbon emissions, and saves money.

Earth Day Network sees environmental education as a core of its mission and is a globally recognized leader in the fields of environmental education and green schools. Their education programs carry a successful history of providing educators, students and the general public with resources and solutions to create a healthier, more sustainable planet.

The online Educators’ Network is a free tool connecting over 25,000 educators with hundreds of environmental education curricula and resources. The newest curriculum unit, released for the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, is a comprehensive study of the history of the environmental movement, complete with standards-based lesson plans and multimedia resources.

Our Education grant programs are changing the face of environmental education on a global scale. Schools involved in our grant programs are saving money, reducing pollution and improving their communities – proving our potential to help prepare students for the 21st century learning environment.

Earth Day Network's Environmental Education Program is one of the most innovative and successful in the U.S., providing tools to educators and students for integrating environmental issues into core curriculum across disciplines and grade levels, in and out of the classroom.

A variety of lesson plans are available online in the themed areas of:

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