Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oil Explorartion in the Arctic

This week, Shell Oil announced it will end oil exploration off of Alaska's Arctic Coast "for the foreseeable future. Groups such as the Sierra Club see this victory as showing that even the most powerful corporations in the world can be changed when faced with grassroots pressure united to protect the wildlife and wildlands.

Shell abandoned its Arctic drilling plans in part because strict regulations required to drill made it untenable, and summer drilling just one well with disappointing results, combined with low crude prices.

Everything from tweets, Facebook posts, calls, comments, protests and kayaktavist actions shined a spotlight on the corporation and the Obama administration.

But another oil company, Hilcorp Alaska, is working to obtain permits to drill in the Arctic Ocean.

Click here to tell President Obama to cancel all oil and gas lease sales in the Arctic (via Sierra Club)

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