Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Division of Fish and Wildlife Videos

The Division of Fish and Wildlife has a growing library of videos depicting the many areas of research, management, and recreation it supports. Videos are hosted on the Department of Environmental Protection's Discover DEP YouTube Channel where visitors will find a range of videos.

Woodrat Research (video) 
Every October, the division's Endangered and Nongame Species Program set out traps to catch the only Allegheny woodrat species left in New Jersey  along the rocky cliffs at the Palisades Interstate Park. Once the woodrat is captured,  a tag is administered, and samples are taken so biologists can accurately monitor this endangered species striving population.

Horseshoe Crab Survey (video)
The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife monitors horseshoe crab abundance with the Delaware Bay Horseshoe Crab Spawning Survey. The survey estimates spawning densities on Delaware Bay beaches. Our Marine Fisheries staff sample the spawning population on Fortescue Beach and Gandy’s Beach on the New Jersey side of Delaware Bay. Beaches are sampled at nighttime high tides of the new and full moons during the spring months. Data collected is helpful for scientists to track changes in numbers of spawning crabs in the area. DFW continues to work towards protection and improvement of horseshoe crab spawning habitat.

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