Sunday, April 12, 2009

Listen to Some NJ Frogs and Toads

New Jersey is home to 71 species of reptiles and amphibians. In an effort help residents and visitors of the state accurately identify these species, the Division of Fish and Wildlife has created a "Field to Reptiles and Amphibians of New Jersey" with a companion audio CD.

The CD, "Calls of New Jersey Frogs and Toads", was created to help with the identification of the 16 species of calling amphibians found in the state.

The links below will take you to fact sheets about each species (pdf) and 16 of those audio files that are available online.

  1. American Toad Bufo americanus call
  2. Bullfrog Rana catesbeiana call
  3. Carpenter Frog Rana virgatipes call
  4. Eastern Spadefoot (toad) Scaphiopus h. holbrookii call
  5. Fowler’s Toad Bufo woodhousii fowleri call
  6. Green Frog Rana clamitans melanota call
  7. New Jersey Chorus Frog Pseudacris triseriata kalmi call
  8. Northern Cricket Frog Acris c. crepitans call
  9. Northern Gray Treefrog Hyla versicolor call
  10. Northern Spring Peeper Pseudacris c. crucifer call
  11. Pickerel Frog Rana palustris call
  12. Pine Barrens Treefrog (T) Hyla andersonii call
  13. Southern Gray Treefrog (E) Hyla chrysoscelis call
  14. Southern Leopard Frog Rana utricularia call
  15. Upland Chorus Frog Pseudacris triseriata feriarum call
  16. Wood Frog Rana sylvatica call

Pine Barrens Treefrog photo by Breck Kent

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