Thursday, April 16, 2009

Your Garden As Wildlife Habitat

The last official frost date for northern NJ is about a month away. But, if you have been enjoying the warmer weather and working in your garden, you should consider making your garden and backyard as a wildlife habitat.

While some of us are trying to keep animals from eating our vegetables and flowers, there are still opportunities to invite garden-friendly wildlife.

The National Wildlife Federation will even let you register your yard as a certified wildlife habitat.

On the The NWF website, you can find gardening resources. The information will give you information on how to attract birds and butterflies as well as other wildlife to your yard.

There is also gardening information and a map that shows you how to use plants that are native to your region.

You might want to check out the tutorials to build a bat house and bee house. The idea is to create a small sustainable haven for wildlife in your neighborhood.

If you register your property with the NWF (or just want to see what others look like), check out the National Wildlife Federation’s Flickr photo group.

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