Thursday, August 6, 2009

Call For Volunteers - Delaware Bayshore

Volunteers are needed on the morning of August 13th in Green Creek, NJ on the Delaware Bay to help with Project PORTS (see earlier post).

Volunteers are needed to help transplant shell bags from a lower Delaware Bay
location. The shell bags, which were constructed by more than 500 school children, are part of a community-based oyster restoration project. The shell provides a settlement surface/habitat for oyster larvae.

Working at low tide, the volunteers will walk off shore to the location of the bags, lift the bags from the sand, load them onto skiffs, and float the skiffs to a larger vessel as the tide rises. The bags will be emptied on the larger vessel, which will transport them up bay to the Gandy’s Beach Oyster Restoration Enhancement Area. (Volunteers will not participate in transporting the bags up bay.)

When & Where - August 13th Rain date Aug 14th
From 8:00 am until finished (9:30 or sooner)
Cape Shore Facility of the Haskin Shellfish Research Lab
Green Creek, NJ

For contact information and more about this volunteer opportunity, see the Littoral Society's website: