Thursday, February 25, 2010

Historical Preservation: The Old Barracks

My Google alerts for endangered and threatened species sometimes turn up some odd results, like "Are women in information technology an endangered species?" But today, one that turned up concerns some New Jersey history.

Historical preservation is a part of Endangered New Jersey too. Saving and educating people about our history is interesting and educational.

The Old Barracks is a State and National Historic Landmark built in 1758 by the colony of New Jersey as winter quarters for British "regulars" returning from fighting in the frontier regions in the French & Indian War.

During the American Revolution, the Barracks was occupied at different times by British/Hessian Forces or the Continental Forces. Following the Battles of Trenton in 1776, the Barracks was steadily controlled by the Continental Army and used as an army hospital for small pox inoculations.

The Old Barracks is a "living history" museum portraying the year 1777 with historical interpreters guiding visitors through the infirmary to learn about mandatory small pox inoculations and surgeries performed on soldiers in the Continental Army, into the squad rooms that soldiers occupied as living quarters and through the Officers House.

Currently, you can see their latest exhibit "All Is Threatened and Endangered..." about New Jersey in the French & Indian War.

Old Barracks Museum
101 Barrack St
Trenton, New Jersey 08608

For directions, dates and times

A Guide to New Jersey's Revolutionary War Trail: for Families and History Buffs
New Jersey and The Revolutionary War

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