Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oceans - the film

Disneynature is an independent film label of The Walt Disney Company, that releases big screen nature documentaries.  Today, to coincide with Earth Day, they are releasing Oceans, a French-American nature documentary film by Jacques Perrin.

The film explores the oceans of the Earth's surface and the mysteries that lie beneath. It is Disneynature's second release following Earth in 2009.

Budgeted at 50 million euros, it was filmed in over 50 different places and took four years to film. It reflects the need to respect nature and demonstrates the negative impact of human interaction on animals, to the point of favoring the disappearance of species.

Their official website at  has some beautiful video and images. (I downloaded the wallpaper and screensaver too!)

You can also watch a trailer for the film on YouTube that includes some history of Disney nature films. There are ones I still recall seing in my childhood.

This would be a great way to start your kids on an appreciation of the environment - or to reawaken your own childhood fascination with nature.

Disney Nature Earth

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