Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Burrowing Pine Snake

Northern pine snake
Northern pine snake - Pituophis melanoleucus - State Threatened Species - Photo via Zack Bittner, Flickr

Some snakes are tree snakes, some make nests, but the Northern Pine Snake is one of the only burrowing snakes in New Jersey. They make dens and have a nose designed for digging.

They are also currently listed on the Threatened and Endangered species list of New Jersey along with three other snakes.

Most of our pine snake populations are found in the southern part of the state, as they like sandy soils to burrow like those found in the Pine Barrens.

Pine snakes can be hit by cars when trying to move across roads, and are threatened by natural occurrences such as fires. Habitat loss from human development is a factor, as it is for many species in our state. And, unfortunately, a lack of knowledge about snakes in general cause people to fear all snakes, poisonous or not, and people often kill them.

Source: Pine Snake Still Capturing Interest

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