Monday, April 12, 2010

Keep It Green

The NJ Keep It Green Campaign is a coalition of over 145 statewide, local and regional organizations ranging from sportsmen’s groups and environmental organizations to affordable housing and urban park advocates.

Their mission is to secure a long-term stable source of funding for the acquisition of open space, farmland and historic sites as well as the capital improvement, operation, maintenance, and stewardship of state and local natural areas, parks and historic sites in New Jersey.

This work is guided by the belief that every New Jersey resident deserves well-maintained, accessible neighborhood parks, wildlife areas and historic sites. Our communities rely on these areas for a high quality of life, livable neighborhoods and sustainable economies.

One of their recent successes was in working for the passage of the NJ Yes vote this past November to continue investing in preserving our land, water and history for the benefit of citizens today, and for future generations.

A majority of voters, voted to continue funding to the state's highly successful preservation programs. The Yes vote was bipartisan, winning in eight counties carried by Republican Chris Christie and seven counties carried by Democrat Jon S. Corzine.

Funding for the Green Acres Program, the Farmland Preservation Program, and the NJ Historic Trust will now continue for the next two years, giving New Jersey time to identify a long-term funding source for these programs.

In the meantime, the $400 million in approved funding will:

* Preserve sources of clean drinking water
* Protect water quality in our rivers, lakes and streams
* Preserve wildlife habitat, working farms, historic sites and natural areas
* Invest in our ecological resources that save on the high costs of degradation, protect New Jersey's multi-billion dollar outdoor tourism industries, and create jobs restoring natural and historic landmarks.
* Cost each household less than $1 per month
* Require continued full public disclosure of all spending
* Leave a legacy for future generations.

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