Tuesday, July 20, 2010

350 Challenge from Brighter Planet

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

Endangered New Jersey joined the 350 Challenge. After they hit their goal of 350 participating bloggers in under a month, they decided to keep the 350 Challenge open indefinitely. Now over 3,900 bloggers are participating.

To join in, post the badge to your own site, let them know, and they will offset 350 pounds of carbon in your name. That's like flicking off 100 lightbulbs for a day. Or going two full weeks without your car!

By displaying their badge on our blog, we help offset 122,500 lbs of CO2 - that's like turning off 38,000 light bulbs for a day.

Brighter Planet develops innovative tools to help manage and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future.

Check out their

"Personal footprint tools"
"Crowd-powered philanthropy"
  • social giving via wowcrowd (in private beta), lets businesses, campaigns, foundations, and other organizations engage their members by allowing them to propose, discuss, and vote on ideas to receive project funding. This service grew out of the viral success of the Project Fund, Brighter Planet's own community-powered monthly grant program for grassroots climate projects.
Brighter Planet recently was named Small Business of the Year by Treehugger and received the Social Innovation Award for "most strategic philanthropy" from Justmeans and Financial Times.

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