Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The New Jersey Osprey Project

I recommend that you check out the New Jersey Osprey Project blog done by Ben Wurst. Ben is listed as a Habitat Program Manager in New Gretna, NJ.

The blog has lots of information and some great photos from the field (see examples above and below).

A recent post covered the June start of the first of many osprey surveys which are conducted every year to help determine the overall health of the population.

This is another activity that is mostly done by volunteers who commit many hours of their personal time to helping monitor the bird population.

USGS leg bands are placed on the young which enables scientists to gather valuable data about where ospreys migrate and winter, their survival rates and behavior.

Awesome Ospreys: Fishing Birds of the World
Awesome Ospreys: Fishing Birds of the World

Return of the Osprey: A Season of Flight and Wonder

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