Friday, July 23, 2010

Allaire State Park and Allaire Village

One of NJ's living history museums is Allaire Village. Lving history was a concept that became popular in the late 1960s. The idea is to let visitors see a historic site populated with people who dress and interact like the people of the historical period. Typically, the workers dress in period costumes and demonstrate the crafts and activities of the past.

Colonial Williamsburg is the major living history site on the East Coast, but we have sites in NJ that make good day trips.

 The Historic Village at Allaire is a non-profit,living history museum set in the year 1836. It is located within Allaire State Park in Wall Township, New Jersey. The village was originally established as a bog iron furnace known as the Howell Works, which the company's owner, philanthropist James P. Allaire, endeavoured to turn into a self-contained community.

Allaire Village and its existing buildings are now operated by a non-profit organization Historic interpreters work using period tools and equipment in the blacksmith, tinsmith, and carpentry shops, while the old bakery sells cookies, and general store serves as a museum store.

The company town that developed in the early 1800s around the Howell Works, made brass fittings for ships. A New York City businessman bought a large piece of land in Monmouth County and turned it into a bog iron works.

Old Village - Allaire State Park Canvas Print / Canvas Art - Artist Angie McKenzie     The Village - Allaire State Park Canvas Print / Canvas Art - Artist Angie McKenzie

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