Friday, July 16, 2010

Nature Centers in Bergen County

Nature centers located in densely populated areas may be even more important than those located in rural and wilderness areas. Not only for the protection of habitat and species, these centers are important educational centers and a way for urban and suburban families to stay in touch with the natural world.

Here are three Bergen County, New Jersey nature centers.

Pfister Pond at Tenafly NC

The Tenafly Nature Center is a non-profit member-supported nature preserve that protects almost 400 wooded acres. Since 1961, TNC has nurtured an appreciation for nature, been a leader in open-space preservation and in environmental education for our community in Tenafly, Bergen County, and beyond.

When trails are open, you can hike, bird-watch, observe wildlife, cross-country ski, snow-shoe and ice skate on Pfister's Pond.

Autumn at Closter

Closter Nature Center is a beautiful oasis in the middle of suburban Closter, New Jersey, with 136 acres of ponds, brooks, meadows and forests to explore. The center is open to all local residents, providing informative monthly lectures and nature walks for the general public, as well as school or scout groups.

The Demarest Nature Center is located in Demarest, and is open to all persons, residents and non-residents alike, every day of the year. In addition to preserving and protecting important open space here in the midst of a large metropolitan area, the center seeks to educate young and old alike as to the beauty of nature and the importance of protecting our environment.